Sardana Festival of Anglès

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We show you the set of posters and magazine covers that we have designed over the years to mark the Sardana Festival of Anglès, organized by the Association Sardanista Floricel.



64th Sardana Festival, 2018 – “Free political prisioners”. The sardanist world wants to express its support for the freedom of political prisoners, and the best way is through the poster of the apricot of the Sardana. The yellow ribbon and the bottom of the same color is the symbol that represents the social and political clam of the situation that lives in Catalonia.



63rd Sardana Festival, 2017 – “Together for culture”. Sardana is a cultural symbol of Catalonia and  through it there ar group of people from very different areas that share a common the conservation of Catalan traditions and culture. The circle holding hands, one beside the other, is a clear symbol of this union.


62nd Sardana Festival, 2016 – “There comes another in June.” June is the month traditionally segava wheat fields, and to which the hymn of Catalonia, “The Reapers” in reference throughout his letter. With this game items, remember to arrive in June, becomes the gathering of the Sardana, while making a clear eye to the independence of Catalonia.


61st Sardana Festival, 2015 – “Floricel Golden Rose”. Golden Rose, a symbol in the history of the Association Sardanista Floricel of Anglès. the Group is the award presented annually to a member of the world sardanista in recognition of his work in favor of Sardana and Catalan culture.

60th Sardana Festival, 2014 – “60 years as dancing Sardana whoever anything.” Poster honoring premiere during the gathering, Sardana “Anglès 60 years dancing as nothing” the composer of Anna Serra Roquet.

59th Sardana Festival, 2013 – Poster protest against budget cuts of any kind applied by the government, with a clear declaration of support for Catalan culture. 3rd Prize for the best poster of the Agrupació d’Aplecs Sardanistes de les Comarques Gironines.

58th Sardana Festival, 2012 – Poster of Abstract illustration with reference to the Sardana, Catalan culture and music.

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